Peter Bubel on 4 Positive Ways Entrepreneurship Changes Your Life

When people decide to leave their nine to five job and pursue a business of their own, they often don’t think about how the decision can affect their life for the better. While profits is the key reason why people choose to own a business, entrepreneurship can change your life in more ways than one: Travel More Entrepreneurs travel a lot.

Buying alcohol for someone underage a risky run in Wyomissing | Reading Eagle – NEWS

It was a bustling Friday afternoon at the shopping center across Woodland Road from the Berkshire Mall. As soon as one vehicle left a parking space, another took its place.

Peter Bubel – Founder and Managing member of PANA Rentals

Don’t take shortcuts in life. Do the work; do things the right way. Peter Bubel is the founder and managing member of PANA Rentals, a family-owned and operated property management and real estate company serving Berks County, Pennsylvania. Peter first had the idea to found PANA Rentals when he saw a gap in the market that needed to be filled.

Peter Bubel on How to Be a Successful Property Manager

Property Management is a fluid industry where no two days are quite the same and you don’t know what situation is going to require your attention next. Becoming a successful property manager is about collecting the knowledge, skills, and tools to put yourself in the position to deal with anything that comes your way as well as being able to share your insights with your customers and staff.

Spare bedroom turns into profit potential | Reading Eagle – MONEY

Shannon and Travis Strouse are finally able to afford the honeymoon they could not take when they married a year ago. That’s because they have been renting out a room in their West Lawn home through Airbnb, a San Francisco-based community marketplace for people to list, discover and book accommodations, according to the Airbnb website.